We had a great time celebrating Faith’s birthday in Eureka Springs, Arkansas last weekend!


Leroy has become my new running buddy. We did three miles of ozarks trails this morning. I hope to put in a lot of miles together now that it’s warming up!

So long, Instagram ✌️


I deleted all my social media accounts sometime around 2008 and was a digital recluse until 2016, when I decided to make an Instagram account. That year, I was dealing with some personal struggles and was drawn to the idea of an online scrapbook that could remind me of the good in my life. At the time, there wasn’t really an “algorithm” on Instagram; it only showed you a feed of posts from the people you followed, and if it had stayed this way, I would still be there. Read more »


Friendsgiving / taco / ugly sweater party '23


I finally got to meet my nephew, Bennett!


Today was a really important day for me. After 30 years of being lost, I finally found Christ about 2 years ago, and today proclaimed it to the world by being baptized in the Niangua river. About 25 of the people I love the most came out to witness it and celebrate with me. I can’t express how grateful I am for everyone that came, and most of all for Jesus and his incredible mercy and grace. I heard a preacher say one time that God regenerating a man’s heart is a greater miracle than the creation of the universe, and I can attest that changing mine was nothing short of a miracle.


Same bird, better picture 🦃


After two 14 hour days of hunting in west Texas, I finally got a Rio Grande turkey!


Sometimes you get a little extra.


Already preparing for next winter.


Friday night my grandparents farm was hit by a tornado. Almost everything they own was destroyed but fortunately they were not hurt and they had tons of family and friends come out to help clean up. We got a lot done in two days but it’s still going to take a long time to rebuild.


Booker and I have moved out to the country in southwestern Missouri. I still have the rig and plan to travel some, but this will be home now. I doubt I’ll use Instagram much moving forward, as it’s time to turn a new page and focus on other things. It’s been fun though ✌️


Felt good to get the rig back out for a quick weekend excursion. Also got to see my buddy Teddy who is really into trucks right now.


The truck got a cap today!


Due to a change in circumstances I’m going to be parking the rig for a couple months to focus on work. The big downside is that I have to experience illinois winter again. The upside is that I will get some quality time with my friends and family. Illinois friends, hit me up!


Thorncrown Chapel


I think Hot Springs exceeded my expectations more than any other national park, but to be honest my expectations were pretty low. It’s an “urban” national park so the city itself is part of the park. We were able to hike from our campsite a mile or two through the woods and get downtown where there were tons of cool bars, shops, and bath houses. And the downtown here was one of the most dog friendly places I’ve ever been. Overall booker and I had an amazing week here.


Booker and I explored petrified forest national park and the painted desert this morning. This is one of the few parks where I stopped and read all the informational signs. It’s a pretty amazing place.


Had to go see horseshoe bend while I was here too…


Had an amazing day kayaking on lake Powell. We paddled up Antelope Canyon until the water ended then hiked another mile or so into it. I also met an awesome couple that we tagged along with for most of the day. Days like this are what it’s all about.