Now camping on the Colorado River in AZ, not far from Lake Powell. Booker already made some new friends and had the best day ever running around in the river with them.


Made the trip back up to Brian Head and this time checked out Cedar Breaks. Felt like I was back in Bryce.


Morning hike up the mountain behind our campsite.


Spent the weekend way off the grid in one of the more remote national parks, Great Basin NP in Nevada. I hiked up to a glacier and got to walk through a Bristlecone Pine grove where many of the trees were over 3,000 years old. Coming all the way out here was well worth it.


Crashing at the Bonneville Salt Flats for the night. Might try to set a land speed record with the rig later if I have time.


Did some hiking in Mordor today


Took a day trip to Logan to hike in Cache National Forest and check out the wind caves. Also tried an awesome restaurant called Crumb Brothers.


Aside from some crazy winds Monday night that forced me to sleep in my truck, Bear Lake has been an absolute gem. One of my favorite campsites so far.


Rode my bike to the Wyoming Territorial Prison, which was a prison used in the late 1800s and held Butch Cassidy. Super interesting place. I was happy to be there as a tourist.


Gloomy days like today are perfect for plinking


Beautiful day hiking in Curt Gowdy State Park.


Back into the wild


Early morning cruise with first mate Newman.


It was insanely hot, but we still got another fun backpacking trip in the books!


Felt good to be back in the yak


Awesome week with family in southern Missouri. Spent some quality time with my grandparents, reduced the squirrel population with @wahbassplayer, and camped out in the cabin. I decided to spare everyone from the photos of cooking squirrels over the campfire.


Nellie just wants to work


One of my oldest friends, @big_epyles, and his wife @epphonehome3, came down to camp with me for a couple days. We went to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Zapata Falls. Good times all around.


Sacred white shell mountain 🙌


Went hiking in the Sandia Mountains this morning. Last time we were here was almost exactly a year ago.