After about 5 weeks of camping together in quarantine, @thehungrycamper rolled out this morning. I miss ‘em already.


It got too hot in Alamogordo, so we moved an hour up into the mountains.


Another year another meat cake. We improvised with a hot dog and matches this time.


It’s finally done… we installed 800W of solar on the roof of my rig while camped on some BLM land in Las Cruces. Huge thank you to everyone that helped make this happen - @debrakjell and Lee for hooking me up with an amazing deal on the panels, and especially my buddy Matt for spending a week of his life on the roof of my rig under the intense New Mexico sun. There’s no way I could have done this one alone.


COVID-19 actually just created one of the coolest experiences I’ve had yet… having Joshua Tree National Park to myself. No vehicles are allowed in, so I took my bike and climbed 7 miles to get out to some trails. The climb was brutal but flying down 7 miles of pavement on the way back with no cars and no people was incredible. It was almost eerie being so alone in such a big place.


Got out for a hike this morning for the first time since spraining my ankle in a tragic scooter accident in Phoenix. Still not back to 100% but it felt good to be out and about again.


Hopefully Coronavirus can’t get me out here. Thinks for the tip on the spot @thehungrycamper


Finally reunited with @thehungrycamper


Did a great hike up to Wasson Peak in Saguaro National Park this morning.


Last night at one of the best spots I’ve ever had.


Took a nice 10mi ride out to check out Council Rocks this morning. This place is way off the beaten path and was really interesting to see.


Why did I wait so long to get a mountain bike…


This is peak camping. Boondocking at the base of the Dragoon Mountains.


Amazing hike up to Guadalupe Peak this morning. This is the highest point in Texas at 8,749ft. This trail was pretty tough at 8.5 miles, with 3,000 ft of elevation gain in the first four miles, but the view at the top was worth it.


Taking pictures inside a cave on a camera phone is always disappointing but I did my best. Carlsbad Caverns is epic. Someone described it as “the Grand Canyon with a roof” which i would say is accurate.


Visited Fort Davis today, another interesting little West Texas town. Visited the army fort, which was from the 1800s and was really well preserved. Also went to the state park and hiked some of the trails in the Davis Mountains. Really cool place.


Finally drove across the border to check out Ojinaga with some friends from the campground. It was really cool to see a real working Mexican town with zero tourism. Had an awesome meal and picked up some tequila and mezcal. Solid little day trip.


Checked out Marfa, TX, a weird little art town in the middle of nowhere. Got lunch at a food truck with seating in an old school bus where Booker had coffee with some friends. Also checked out a bunch of the art galleries and shops around town. Definitely a cool place.


Spent the day hiking in Big Bend NP. Checked out Santa Elena Canyon and The Window. I think I’m going to stay an extra week here because I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.


Took FM170 from Presidio to Terlingua this afternoon. This is one of the most amazing and epic places I’ve ever been. The drive was incredible. I stopped and checked out some crazy mountain cemeteries and then spent some time in Terlingua, which was such a unique and awesome town. I’m in love with this place and I still haven’t even been into the national park yet.