First time doing @harvesthosts has been a great success. Staying at @roundlakevineyards and the place is awesome. Met some awesome people and had great food and wine. Definitely planning on doing this again.


Yesterday I finally went in and explored Badlands National Park. I love the harsh and rugged beauty of this place.


I randomly met Matt and Kelsey hiking in the Black Hills and we hit it off right away. After hanging out a few days in Custer they decided to come join me in the badlands. Camping with these guys on the edge of a cliff for the last 3 days has been such an awesome experience. + Safe travels @thehungrycamper and hopefully Iโ€™ll see you guys again this winter!


A group of at least 20 bighorn sheep just walked through our campsite. I was actually able to get my camera out and get some decent shots this time.


The sunrise this morning was unreal.


Boondocking in the badlands with @thehungrycamper in one of the coolest sites Iโ€™ve had yet.


Carving faces into mountains seems like a pretty weird idea to me, but Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse were still cool to see.


Booker and I got up early and did an 8 mile hike up to Harney Peak and back. The views up there were spectacular. I never really knew South Dakota was so scenic.


Awesome day in Custer. We went to Wind Cave NP but the cave was closed for maintenance. Then I braved the needles highway in a 3/4 ton truck to go hike the Cathedral Spires trail. Definitely worth it.


Camping on the Yellowstone River near Billings for the next two nights.


Spending the next couple nights boondocking on a mountain by Butte, Montana. Then I start the journey back east.


Day 3 in Glacier. Today we explored the Two Medicine and Many Glacier areas and saw a moose.


I guess my mom didnโ€™t get enough in Utah so she came out to visit me in Montana. Between a grizzly bear encounter and hiking the highline trail weโ€™ve had some adventures so far.


All set up in Hungry Horse, Montana, just a few miles from Glacier National Park.


6 mile hike through a burnt forest to see Morrell Falls. The pics donโ€™t really show it but this waterfall was almost 100 ft tall. Also finally starting to get more accustomed to hiking in grizzly country.


Home for the next week. Dry camping again, this time about an hour from Missoula.


Yellowstone was wild. I saw geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, canyons, hundreds of bison and elk, a bear, a coyote, a marmot, and way too many humans.


Montana is incredible. This is pretty much what it looks like everywhere here.


Some locals gave me the location to a hidden waterfall nearby. They said it would be kinda hard to get to but worth it. They were right about both. + + + Also I have no idea how to use the GoPro yet. I learned that putting it on your head while hiking and climbing stuff makes shaky, terrible footage, mostly of the ground. Also realized I didnโ€™t actually have it recording most of the time, including when booker climbed up the falls with me.


Hiking up to Taggart Lake and swimming in the freezing cold water was definitely a highlight of my travels so far.